Squats are one of the most basic fundamental exercises you can do. Nothing could be simpler than standing with your feet roughly shoulder width apart, squatting to below your knees with your arms out, then sanding back up. Jumping squats are the same, except you should explode out of the bottom of your squat, throwing your hands down and leaving the ground at the top of the squat. be sure to land softly toward your toes and with slightly bent knees and go right into the next jump squat.

This is a simple TABATA Squat workout. Check here for more info on why you should be doing TABATA workouts.

For maximum burn and benefit, we recommend the following:

20 seconds of squat jumps (all-out effort)

10 seconds rest (just standing)

repeat 8 times (4 minutes total)

Rest for one minute, then

20 seconds of air squats (all-out effort)

10 seconds rest (hold the bottom of your squat with thighs parallel to floor)

repeat 8 times (4 minutes total)

This workout will get you in shape for ski season fast!